Thanksgiving 2002

(including the tree hunt)

(previous years - 2001, 2000 & 1998)

Here's a little view of the annual Thanksgiving celebration.
OK, we're ready for the action...
The crowd awaits the efforts of the kitchen crew.
Betsy has some important point to make to Katherine.
The cooks are busy getting the feast ready for the masses.
... the bird is ready ...
... and so is dessert.
The crowd toasts the chef.
Wine is poured and conversations begin.
Some happy faces.
The flowers were beautiful.
And Anita (above) and Julie (left) complement the decorations.
Many thanks to our hosts, Dick and Diane. Another excellent Thanksgiving dinner.
There was a theme to the post dinner relaxation.

This year we didn't get our tree the day after Thanksgiving. That day was consumed with the national pastime -- shopping. We did however, get out on Saturday and find the tree.
Lisa and Betsy head out into the wilderness looking for the "perfect" tree.
There they are right out there...
Somehow Mike got Betsy to take the "low" end...
Lisa doesn't wear gloves very often as you can see.

In the end, the tree was just perfect. Actually, it almost fell over several times.

The best was the night of the BIG wind storm when trees were getting ruined. Tyler storms in in the middle of the night and announces that "our tree" is falling. Of course we assume it's one of the trees in the yard. Eventually we get it straight that he's talking about the Christmas tree. We just asked him to leave and went back to sleep. The next day we had to add new wires to string the tree up from the wall.