Thanksgiving 2001

(including the tree hunt)

(previous years - 2000 & 1998)

Well, this year we had everyone home for the first time in 4 years. Here's the table all set for the crowd: Zachers, Kerr-Jordans, Le Berres, Watsons, Drew & Julie, and a few other guests.
We had enough food. I know it may seem like the menu was a bit light, but we did get enough to eat. Dan was heard saying he'd "hurt himself."
Everyone seemed to have a good time...
Here was the toast to the chefs.
The boys followed dinner with a wild card game.
After a while they were tired.
Katherine and Lisa are about finished...
Katherine offers another toast.
Michael and Anna
Betsy, Dan and Phillippe
Ian, Molly and Sally

The morning after (actually the afternoon after)...
The tree hunter surveys the countryside
Betsy puts Tyler in his place...
In the end Betsy was really happy to have the tree...
And finally, the tree is up and operational. Now, where's Santa?