Seattle to Victoria and Back Again

While we were visitng Norman and Natasha we visited Victoria, BC and stayed at the Fairmaont Emperess

We had to get up way too early for most of the party on Sunday. We climbed abourd the Victoria Clipper and hydrplaned out of town. Goodbye Seattle
The cloud cover was descending over the cisty as we sped away.
After just over 2 hours at sea, we crept into the Victoria Inner Harbor where we found the Fairmaont Empress.
The parliment building is just to the right of the hotel as pictured above. It's really incredibly well lit at night.
So, we got into our hotel room and opened the window and immediately had a visitor.
The Inner Harbor view at night...
Monday we visited Chinatown after a hearty brunch at the Blue Fox.
I like this sculpture.
Here's a shot of the 'girls' as Natasha was getting ready to take a picture of something.
Guess which one's Norman?
Cute set of buildings.
Norman and Natasha resting in a love seat in the Urban Barn store while Betsy watches.