Lisa's Home Page

Hi, welcome to Lisa's home page. I've got a few odds and ends here that hopefully you'll enjoy.

There's my mom who likes to sing and is in the Bay Area Showcase Chorus of the Sweet Adelines Internatioal.

My dad is a lifelong geek.

Thanksgiving 2000.

My brother is quite the jock. He plays (American) football and baseball. He wants to learn to play rugby like me. (Heh, if you want to learn more about the rules of Rugby check this site out.)


Well, I'm a student at UC Santa Barbara and I'm studying abroad this year at the Universtity of York in England.

These are my dad's sisters and mother.

I've included a few pictures of myself (and some family/friends) for your enjoyment...

In the pictures below you can see how I grew in the last part of 1983 and early 1984!
In September I was just sooo happy to be in school. For Halloween I was a witch. I'm not sure if I was serving turkey on a platter or wanted pizza for Thanksgiving... And, I was clearly in the Christmas spirit in December.
By January I was cold, as you can see.      
This was just before one of my dance recitals.
... and this was one of my first makeup jobs I did. Nice job, huh?
Here I'm holding my 1 day old brother.
And here I am painting my dad's face at Camp Cambell.
Here's Tyler and me at Twain-Harte in the snow. Check out the shoes!!!
This proves I've played (soccer) football.
Here's my frien Katie with my dad.
And Jocelyn was there too.
Mom, Jocelyn and Katie in downtown Los Altos.

Doesn't it look like Tyler is about to fill mom's hand with a special present?

Tyler liked his toy box.
... and the pots and pans.
He also liked to fall asleep in his dinner or under a good book.
He didn't like apple peels too much. He was really good at peeling them, but not a cleaning up after himself.