Christmas 2002

Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house not a teenager was stirring...
Well, OK, Lisa was awake. Tyler was still sound asleep. And Gyer was sleeping with Halle Berry.
... The stockings were spead out on the sofa (since we couldn't find the hangers to put them on the mantle).
Looks like we all got some fun stuff, huh?
The quilts were a big hit (Mike's sisters made them for all teh nephews and nieces).

Lisa stayed up a little too late Christmas eve and found the quilt just teh ticket to naptime.
Tyler found it was nice to cozy up with Bugsie and play CounterStrike.
One of the more unique gifts was the sushi that everyone can love... candy. Yup, that's right it's all candy. Lisa reported it was pretty tasty, too.

Christmas dinner was a dress-up affair. We had a costume party. Here are some pictures of the costumes. It was Katherine's idea.

There was no real theme, but you can see some connections with the movie Amelie.

Lisa came as a cartoon rock star -- Jem.
Tyler was a hit man from the Soprano's?
... or just a well dressed teenager from the '60s.
Anna came as a cowgirl. She insisted it was a trashy cowgirl.
Katherine was just maahvalous...
What a nice bunch of "kids."
Diane demoed her "threads" from Africa. She was heard remarking about how hot the outfit was in northern CA in the winter.
Dick followed his Russian roots.
Mimi modeled her kimono.
Betsy went for beer...
... and Mike went as a traveling garden gnome.
What a good looking crew.
We did have dinner and we did have Tyler trying to consume all of the stuffing.
He can never get enough of that stuff(ing).
After all that Tyler just had to crash.